We're Confused

It's 2015, and already the asylum has released its inmates for a game of Who Wants to be the Next President.

Are you also feeling like we've traded in distinguished, elegant, and moral presidents for a ramshackle collection of cantankerous buffoons? That's the way I see it.

The front-runners are: a flip-flopping media hound, a governmental office itinerant who should have been imprisoned several times already, and a septuagenarian who wants to destroy the very fabric on which America was founded. Meanwhile, the world burns.

Trump, for years, has stood on the mantel of success, doubling, tripling, and quadrupling his vast fortune. It's admirable the way he has carved his own slice out of our free- market system. He has done well for himself, and in some way, we can take a look at his story and be inspired. A man set out to find his treasure, doesn't, so he makes it. It should stay in the private sector. He has no political experience, and while he may be prepared for whatever the media throws at him, it's very different in the situation room. His campaign donations fly in the face of his campaign devotions. He's a businessman, a damn good businessman, but he is no president.

Clinton. There's nothing to say here. She has had absolutely no positive effect on America. There is nothing she has done that has helped America. Affirmative Action is the last accredited legislation tacked to her name, and that is complete nonsense.

Sanders: lost in an idyllic world of his own reckoning. The fact that he is garnering so much support is an indication that America is no longer in the hands of the laborer, the family, the teacher and the doctor. It has fallen to the indoctrinated liberal fanatic whose jealousy and snarling vitriol has driven them to the point of exploding. Sanders stands for fascism. Sanders stands for the dismantling of the family unit, the death and the demise of the newborn, the destruction of the small business, the overtaking of farms, and the disemboweling of the modern American working class.

The American political climate is at a turning point, and it's up to Americans to decide the direction of the future.