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Small, but not insignificant

Too Brief

A sneeze.
A cough.
A wink.
A sigh.
A touch.
A love
too brief.

We stand in the shadows
of giants,
feeling the earth
rumble and shake with each footfall they make,
making small smiles
with small teeth.
We are fragile in completion,
stronger in the baking
after we have been kneaded
and stretched.
We, spoken best by Shakespeare,
a quintessence of dust,
float upon the surface of our mouths
and in the view of our eyes.
A breath,
too short.
Our life...
The last entry was a little hard to read due to my ineptitude in posting decorum. Here's hoping this one turns out better. As some of you out there (the 32) who have viewed my blog may know, I also contribute to Writer's Digest. This story is a response to a prompt about meeting a band, dead or alive, backstage and an adventure that ensues. Hope you enjoy.

I don’t know how they did it. I didn’t care. I was going to see Nirvana.

Sure, it was kind of creepy that Kurt Cobain was playing the lead. I mean, he’d been dead for almost 20 years already. Modern science, right?

Tickets went for about 2 grand. But, lucky for me, I knew someone heading up the shindig. My two VIP passes arrived in the mail a week before the show.

From: A Friend.

Thanks, Tommy. We’re even now.

I decided to take Dana Wendy. She had this fiery red hair and emerald green eyes. She was my luck o’ the Irish. Well, at least I wanted her to be. She prattled on and on when she found out I got tickets. I guess the …

Maybe something...

I am always never certain about what's coming up. I know, too many absolute statements make for rash judgements. So, I'm going to throw this flash fiction in with the category of "I might do something with this later." Here it is, Exes and Flashes.

Normally, our meetings ran on the second Tuesday of the month. We met for usually an hour or two, depending on who just shot whom in the foot. Being a creative professional has its series of ups and downs.

Today was Friday, and I was in no mood to return to work from my lunch break. I have to go on record saying I hate my Samsung. Oh sure, all the apps are great. The phone functions like a dream. But, it always brings bad news. Last month, during the dry season, I lost my car. Yeah, lost it like a goddamned gerbil. So, I reported it thinking I was going to have it back by dinner. Well, the dinner bell rang and no phone call. The next day, they got me around lunchtime. Mr Worthen?Yeah? We found your car. Great! Where? Whe…