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Flash Market

Down at FM 980 and Larkspur
Fats Hendricks
runs a small gas station
that sits just north of the tracks.

He got a small café there.
It ain’t much, just a few
benches, tables,
ones even got a table cloth on it,
and a sneeze guard
in front of the food.
But, the food’s always hot
and there’s always a
fresh pot of coffee on.

Fats, he’s a good man,
wife left him for Biloxi,
took the cat and the dog,
and left him with the trailer
and truck
that he don’t drive none too
often ’cause gas is so
damned expensive.

He got these fried pies
he makes on the weekends,
somethin’ special,
and sometimes,
me and my wife, after church,
we like to go in and sit down at
that table that has the tablecloth,
and order these pies
and two cups of coffee.

Fats’ll smile, ask us how the
sermon was,
because we got a new pastor,
Pastor Dean, son of a preacher,
and he’ll talk to us about marriage,
his kids,
the reason he ain’t been in town lately.
He’ll ask us about the pies,
if our coffee’s hot enough,
if we finished …

Age of Cynics

When did I reach the age of cynics,
regarding the whole world eurhythmic
under boards of knitted brows, outfitted
and ready for interns and clinics?

Pearly Whites

Alanah rolled the tooth over and over in her fingers, fascinated at its perfect, pearly, smooth outside. She touched the space where her own front tooth was missing and giggled.

"Alanah, hon? What's that in your hand?" Her mother walked over to her, placing her debit card securely in her wallet. "Oh, honey, did you lose another tooth?"
Alanah looked up to her mother and smiled. "No, mom. It came from here. Who will the tooth fairy visit? Can I keep the dollar?" "Dear lord." Her mother shuffled for her cell phone and dialed three numbers. Alanah could tell because there were only three beeps. "Yes, hi. My name is Cathy Willows. My daughter just found a tooth in a gumball machine... Okay..." Alanah's mom grabbed her daughter's free hand. Alanah looked again at the tooth she held on to. It had to have been - what was it called - a canine! She thought that was silly because that's what dogs were also called, and it didn…

Fondness Deep

It's called a gwawdodyn (rhymes with ska-doe-din), and it hails from Wales. It is comprised of four lines (a quatrain) that follows a 9/9/10/9 syllable count. The rhyme scheme is thusly:
xxxxxxxx a
xxxxxxxx a
xxx b xxxxx b
xxxxxxxx a

There is internal rhyme present in the third line. The second version contains an internal rhyme in the fourth line while maintaining the rhyme scheme of the first version, so it may look like this:

xxxxxxxx a
xxxxxxxx a
xxxxxxxxx b
xx b xxxxx a

Thank you to Robert Lee Brewer at Writer's Digest for exposing us to this fun form. Here's an example:

Sunday morning, we found a table
topped with similar things, unable
to keep its surface level; the heaps
and heaps of memories unstable.

Fondness regrets what fondness can’t keep,
she said as we rummaged through the steep
mountains of kitschy keepsakes, heads above
the strewn clothes, heads below fondness deep.

Utah, Winter

I can't remember the year,
nor would I want to; this is a memory
that I would rather
keep mingled with hallucination.

We set forth, three of us, men (at least we thought we were),
eastward through California, mapless and sure.
This was the time we believed that
finding the world untouched
would make an untouched world.
There was beauty hidden somewhere.

For the first few days,
we felt that the smog in our lungs
was slowly dissolving into
the footprints we left behind.
Each step, we felt lighter.

In front of us were the Rockies.
Montani semper liberi,
I said. So, we trudged onward,
remembering that once over the mountains
we would be in flatland
and unhindered, unencumbered, and

The roads were spare, and the cities
were sparse, but this world was huge
and what better way to see it than
from the summit?

There was a moment past the Grand Tetons,
that the night blew in the bitterness
held by the moon,
bitter for the beauty of the world
to her will be forever bathed
in shadow,
and the breeze too…