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Blood Spirit, cont'd

Image by Michael Karcz Uhnhummun the Gracious sat perched atop his prized mare and watched the Untu, whom he protected, ravage the Inwit's village. From his vantage, he could see the ground slip into the sea, the land the Inwit claimed, and watch it burn.

"All this you see before us, Umho my most trusted friend, is ours once again." Uhnhummun leaned toward Umho, "and Hthraa will be able to once again sleep." He spurred his horse onward toward the smoldering village.


I find myself stumbling through the darkness. There is nothing more than a dripping and an echo. I fear it's my body I've lost; I cannot tell. I reach around for a wall, but I do not touch anything.

"Ra'gar!" I shout into the unknown, into the humid air.

"I would ask you to remain quiet," a vaporous, curling murmur washes over me.

A light emerges from a corner just out of my perception. "Who's there?"

"Sh, sh sh sh," a whisper. "Co…