Thunder Among Branches

At 6:48 a.m., give or take a few, the
sun begins its steady climb up and toward
the afternoon.
I would know, I'm there every day.

And when I blink, the sun sets.

I wish I could claim to have supernatural powers,
the ability to eschew time across space.
But, I do not.

it is the simple time and space I live in.
My expedited life, compressed into a
short passage,
held hostage behind doors of electricity.
If I could manipulate time,
my dream would be to slow it down
so I could see the sun crest and
fall like
the breathing chest of my infant
or the hairs on the back of my arms
when I embrace my wife.
I wish I could see the
reds and oranges of the midsummers'
The changing seasons would awe and
Perhaps, I would finally have
time to sleep.


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