The Sky Wishes for Silence

There is a place
somewhere in the middle of the ocean
where the sky
no longer wastes
time separating itself from the waves.

it says,
is when you find that
there is only one
true mirror,
and that loneliness
is but a temporary
game of tag;

you will find
your reflection,
you will stop running,
and you will embrace

each other

as you have embraced your
once-held impatience.

I sat in my boat,
and holding the hand
of the mirror,
her heat radiating back at me,
and I thought

(for a moment)

that the heat I feel is the heat I give.

This sky I once believed foolish
and naïve
for denying itself compassion,

I suddenly found the most

for waiting until there
was no noise.

For only in this silence
could it whisper
its love and be heard
by the quietly calming sea.

-JR Simmang


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