A Poem in Parts: Part 5

Day 5

He didn't sleep last night. He was driven
by heat and his dreams caused his body
to ache and

twist. It's probably better this way. No one wants
to sleep with a man who cannot seem to separate
the sheets from

his indecipherable memories. He awoke that morning
to an incandescent sheen on his windows and a
knock on the

door. It was a Monday. He put on his clothes thinking
that today would be the final day to say good bye, but
he wasn't

sure he was ready to release her body heat to the
curtains and windows. He wasn't sure he was ready
to get rid

of the last little drops of sweat and her lingering
perfume still impermeating his bed linens. He pulled
on his pants

and found a letter on the stoop. It was penned in
illumination. It was penned in loops.
It was in

the hand of a woman.


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