Getting Lean in 2013

Good day, folks.
Today's post is of a different direction. It's the first of several that are going to go into detail about what I am going to do to get fit and GoRuck/Highland Games strong.
Several of you already know that I am both gluten- and dairy- free. It's biological. However, having to exlude these things from my diet has had an immense effect on my physique and metabolism. I am no longer sluggish, my focus has improved, I sleep better, and fat has had a hard time sticking around my midsection. Workouts feel more effective, as my endurance has also increased. Wheat is a killer. Dairy comes from a cow.
Anyways, my stats are this: I am 5' 9.5" and barely kicking 150 lbs. My one rep max deadlift is 110. I can squat my body weight. My bench is 90. I'm not that great. But, I've started a new regimen, and I'm going to start tracking now.

Yesterday, my workout was this:
1.5 mile run/warm-up
5 rounds of 30 feet suitcase carry, heaviest weight (60 lbs/2 30 lb dumbbell, meets a deadlift)
12 reps/5 sets calf raises, heaviest weight (40 lbs/2 20 lb dumbbell)
8 reps/5 sets goblet squats, 30-40 lb dumbbell
6 reps/5 sets shoulder press, 30-40-50 lb barbell
6 reps/5 sets fly bench press, 15-20-25 lb dumbbell
8 reps/5 sets bent over row, 30-40-50 lb barbell
6 reps/5 sets hammer curls, 15-20 lb dumbbells
6 reps/5 sets tricep kickbacks, 15-20 lb dumbbells
End with a 4 minute walk and dynamic stretching.

This is the year I make it to the best health of my life.


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