Toward the Sun

It's awfully tall,
I said as I stared
at the ladder leaning on the sun.
There's no possible way
I can climb up that high,
and put my foot on the bottom rung.

At first it was easy,
my arms pulling me up.
I didn't dare look down through my feet.
But, the higher I went,
the thinner the air,
I was starting to feel pretty beat.

Though my arms tired,
and my legs ached,
I climbed on and on and on.
Forever upward,
toward the sun,
the ground below me was suddenly gone.

Above me, so close,
was a platform for rest.
I sat myself down and leaned on the stars.
All I could do
was admire the view,
and caress the Earth, Venus, and Mars.

I'd finally arrived,
and here I can breathe.
My journey was finally complete.
But when I chanced
a final look up,
I saw the ladder extended far above my seat.

It was time to keep moving,
always upward,
toward the brilliantly hot sun.
When this climb ends,
I'll never know,
but the journey belongs to everyone,
and my journey has just begun.
_JR Simmang_


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