Iron-On Wisdom

"If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period."

It's not like I believed you anyway,
but when you asked,
I gave you my heart willingly.

Things changed, though,
didn't they?

You didn't get any better
at honesty,
and I never grew
out of my
childlike wonder,
sipping down my gullibility.
I prefer(red) to be
found guilty
of naivety,
serving my time for that
and not for blindness.

But that old familiar bile
kept riding up throat-wise,
strung to a balloon,
sticking to my tongue,
making it infinitely
harder to speak on your behalf.

There are only so many times,
like my mom told me,
I can be a bridge
on fire,
each board turning
to ash.
ash floats just the same.

-JR Simmang

So many times are we bamboozled by eloquence. My dear readers, try to see through the snake oil. God bless.


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