What Have I Got in my Pocket, Lily Annie Wright?

I'm unsure why, because it is a recent change, I have started falling into the rhyming trap. I feel like, sometimes, I have metamorphosed into a dapper chap from 1888, swinging around his pocket watch, standing underneath his top hat, waiting on the train, spilling words in rapid succession. SO, here's the most recent:


What have I got in my pocket,
dear Lily Annie Wright?
Is it your gold necklace,
burning evening bright?

It's been so long since I have seen it
tangled in your hair.
Was it I who gave you that?
If so, why don't you wear

it often? Did it slip off of
your chest so pure and true
and folded in the brittle ground?
I guess I never knew.

Or, could it be a brassen key
clinking 'round in there?
It could fit that rusty lock,
the one that's standing where

the rusty door, and hinges too,
swing on screaming wind,
and pierce us through our fragile bones,
and make our dreamscapes bend.

I must confess, for I can't lie
to you (you're much to fair),
what's jingling in my pocket here
won't open anywhere.

Perhaps it's just a beating heart,
concealed with lint and change.
Perhaps it's just a lonely hand,
wouldn't that be strange?

You see, dear miss, this hand is cold,
so covet it I must.
In my pocket, it's free from harm,
and free from loveless lust.

This hand has in my pocket slept
every day that you go forth.
It's dreams are filled with vivid heat
from our empty hearth.

Don't turn your head, dear Lily love,
look me in the eyes.
Hear me when I tell you true,
that this hand relies

upon your breath and blushing lips
to cradle it's deep lines,
to dote upon the scars and spots
as if they weren't confined

to spend their days ensconced in there
with nothing but a thread,
and lead it on adventures grand
or simply lay in bed.

Oh dear, I fear I must confess,
I found another trinket
keeping this here lonely hand
good company, I think it's...

Yes! It is, a golden link,
adorned with precious stone!
On one bent knee, I ask, my love,
leave not my hand alone!

-JR Simmang


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